2013.06.09 (Sun) ☆ PARK IT! ☆ @大阪南港三角公園

DJ YOKU & DJ Ageishi 出演!


10:00 – 19:00

☆ PARK IT! ☆ presented by 4theLOVE and PROTY

~ irregular party for irregular people ~
~ スペシャルな人たちへのスペシャルなパーティー ~

We have a strict music policy of soulful music, be it Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, House, Blues, R&B, Hip Hop or anything in between. As long as it has soul. Here’s your chance to join a truly unique outdoor party. A full outdoor venue, in a huge grass park surrounded by trees and the formidable red bridge across Osaka Bay. With 2 stages, you are guaranteed to get your spring dose of soul!

Come join us for a truly remarkable day of sunshine beats at the Sankaku Park of Nanko Island.

Click here to have a look at the venue

☆ Artists / スペシャルゲスト ☆
We have some special guests to help us jazz things up…

★ Yoshihiro Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive)

★ Masatoshi Nakagawa (echo / Freedom Time)

★ Koichiro Murakawa (Affection / Freedom Time)

★ Yoku (A Hundred Birds)

★ Ageishi (A Hundred Birds)

and a little more DJs in charge of groove patrol…

Jules (Sanctum)

Dmitri (Cafe Absinthe)

Joey (Jelectromance)

Byrne (4theLove – Resident)

ENH (Ian Handsley)

Hirro (Proty)

HSK (Proty)

KK (Proty)

Andy S (Natural Rythm/Nagoya)

and more special guests

☆ Dance & Art / ダンスとアート ☆

Capoeira West (Lagoa do Abaete) Sunset Dance Performance

Live Art performed by local artists.

“4 the love’ started as a simple Sunday afternoon party with a few good friends and some great tunes. Since it’s inception in July 2008, due to our down to earth nature, it has grown into one of the funnest parties in Tokyo. It has now branched out to Osaka, where over the upcoming months, will host a number of outdoor daytime parties to get the Kansai folk accustomed to ’4 the love” ~ Mitch Norris

☆ Food / 食べ物 ☆
Mediterranean, Japanese, and Western Food Stalls will be provided so come hungry!

☆ Drinks / 飲み物 ☆
A fully serviced bar with be run by 4thelove – lots of cold, refreshing drinks will be on sale.

As we will be providing cheap drinks and food, we ask that you refrain from bringing drinks to the venue. This allows us to continue in the spirit of free parties that you help us out, we’ll make it worthwhile. This will also allow us to budget accordingly for trash removal….

☆ Venue / 会場 ☆
南港三角公園/Nanko Sankaku Park
大阪市住之江区南港東9 / Nanko-Higashi 9, Suminoe-ku Osaka

☆ MAP / 会場地図 ☆

Directions… the easiest way, is to look at the map. Take the Chuo Subway line to Cosmosquare Station. Walk out Exit 2, turn left at 7-eleven. Walk for at least 15mins along the curved road taking every road to the left (about 3 of them). Just keep heading towards the HUGE red bridge….

Bouncy Castle for the kids – for use for children 6 or under/parental guidance only! Use at own risk.

☆ Additional links / リンク ☆

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6月 2013