2016.10.25 (Tue) Grand Gallery Store 10th Anniversary @UNIT, ...

HOME PARTY 音と食の夕べ – Grand Gallery Store 10th Anniversary – OPEN/START 18:00 前売り ¥5,000 info. Grand Gallery 03- […]

2016.07.17 (Sun) Do You Remember House!? @On and On, Osaka

“Do You Remember House!?” Open: 20:00 ADM: 2,500yen-1Drink DJs: DJ ISE (SEXY TRAX) DJ YOKU (A Hund […]

2015.06.25 (Sat) JOEY JELECTROMANCE 10 Year DJ and Events An ...

JUNE 4th@CAFE ABSINTHE and RE-NEWED WORMWOOD space. This event really is a HUGE THANK YOU to all of YOU for su […]

2016.05.07 (Sat) LAST DANCE @GRAND Cafe, Osaka

「LAST DANCE」 LIVE: Crystal Waters DJs: JOAQUIN “JOE” CLAUSSELL YOKU (A Hundred Birds) AGEISHI (AHB pro.) VJ: h […]

2016.03.12 (Sat) union 9th Anniversary @union, Osaka

union 9th Anniversary “4 Rapture” Guest DJ: DJ YOKU (A Hundred Birds/100records) kg SHIMAZAKI (zer […]

2016.03.05 (Sat) YOKU & AGEISHI @TRIANGLE, Osaka

shima presents. 【UNITY】 @TRIANGLE DOOR:2000yen(w1D) OPEN 22:00 《GUEST DJ》 YOKU (AHB pro.) AGEISHI (AHB pro.) K […]

2016.02.13 (Sat) DJ YOKU @GRAND Cafe, Osaka

Absolutely WICKED! Open: 23:00 – Latenight Door. ¥2,000 w/1D ASAHARA (RDM) Guest DJ HILOCO neroDoll YOKU […]

2016.03.19 (Sat) - 20 (Sun) SNOW MONKEY BEER LIVE 2016 @志賀高原 ...

A Hundred Birds Orchestra 1996年DJ YOKUによって結成されたA Hundred Birds (ア・ハンドレッド・バーズ)。

2016.01.23 (Sat) DJ YOKU & DJ AGEISHI @GRAND Cafe, Osaka

” In The Night” DJ YOKU & DJ AGEISHI Sound: Yori Open: 23:00 Adm. 1,500yen Info. GRAND Cafe 大 […]

2016.01.30 (Sat) HARMONY SPECIAL @CLUB MOVE, Shiga

2016年初のGUESTは大阪と京都と奈良から、それぞれ世界基準でお馴染みの作品を発信し続け日本のハウスミュージック黎明期より深くシーンに関わってきたDJ YOKU(A Hundred Birds)とDaisuke Mi […]


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